Hi, my name is Lee Everett. I'm a History teacher at the University of Georgia in Athens. I killed someone before the zombie apocalypse started, so yeah I'm a convict but don't worry I won't harm you unless you touch my little girl, Clementine. I'll do whatever it takes to protect her and everyone knows it. Even kill you. Just a warning.

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The woman nodded while her gaze roamed around to admire the shop. It wasn’t much as far as small businesses went, but maybe that was the beauty of it. She’d figured a good majority of the town thrived on such places like this. A lot of the shops surrounding this one seemed like the ‘Ma & Pa’ types too. 

"Thank you, Lee, and it’s nice to meet you. Name’s Yasmin, or Yaz, whichever really." She shrugged before continuing. "Say, you’ve lived here for a while I’m guessing, right? Got any places you’d recommend?" 

The man listened to the woman speak and he nodded when the woman thanked him. Then he offered her a hand to shake when she continued speaking. “Nice to meet you as well, Yasmin.” He stated. “Personally, I’d say everywhere’s alright around here. Can’t actually think of really good or bad places.”


Natasha had to laugh. “Yeah, we don’t get a lot of cheerful stories and big smiles in this line of work. Unless someone did really well on a mission. But there usually aren’t any smiles about things that have happened in the past.” It was like an unspoken rule that everyone followed; the past was off limits. Simple as that. “Mhmm…that is a plus. It’s a good mission when nothing tries to eat you.” She smirked.

Lee chuckled briefly. “Nope, you hardly find the case where people are happy here or that someone’s had a good past. You’re happy after a mission or when you’re with friends. Sometimes in the future, those memories replace your bad past. Then you’re always happy.” He stated, then grinned. “It sure is, it sure is.” He took another sip.

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As he pulled her along, Sasha’s heart rate quickly climbed, especially upon seeing the undead. Even though they were still rather far away and moving rather slow, she couldn’t help it. Hearing Lee spoke was the only thing that got her to focus finally, her blue orbs practically glued to the man. “Okay.” She was then quick to climb into the passenger side of the vehicle, yelping slightly as he ran into the figures before them and barely able to respond to his words of the farm. “O-okay. Hurry, please.” This wasn’t what Sasha was trained for nor was it something she could have ever imagined, even in her wildest nightmares.

The man listened to the woman when she spoke, he shook off any thoughts he was having in then drove off, leaving the small town he used to call home which was Macon, he looked back briefly while having this drive. Then he headed off into the countryside. The speed limit didn’t matter anymore. He used on hand to pat her shoulder while he was driving. “We’re safe now. We’ll be fully safe soon. Don’t worry.” He stated, knowing they weren’t far off.



He knew that the story probably angered Lee, but Kenny knew it was partially his fault. He’d made part of the group scared of him. That’s why he looked so gloomy, he wasn’t entirely over that.

Kenny looks back up when the other man speaks again, waving a hand at him, trying to look neutral. “Naw, I don’t. Go on ahead! I know they’d be excited t’ see ya. AJ wouldn’t know who y’are, ‘course. Kid’s not one t’ fuss much, though.”

The man was annoyed by what the man had told him about the situation, but it wouldn’t surprise him if Kenny had something to do with it. Though he wouldn’t blame Kenny, still.

The man then walked into the tent and saw the baby. Clementine was fast asleep but the baby looked like it was going to cry for some reason. He then sighed briefly nad picked up the child. “There there, it’s okay.” The baby calmed down.

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leeurbaneverett said: "You.. You're pregnant?!"



Baby RP Starters!


"I…" Rowan trailed off sadly. Her hand instantly went to her cheeks to wipe away the tears falling down and then she found herself leaning against the door frame for support. "I don’t know." Her head fell in shame and she inhaled deeply. God, how could she have been so stupid?

"Hey now." The man said, noticing that the woman had suddenly started to get a bit upset over the situation that was at hand. He then pulled the woman close to him, in the shape of a hug. He really cared for the woman after all. "We’ll figure it out, we will." He stated, pressing his lips to the woman’s forehead.

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"Do you ever wonder where he would have took you ? Or if you would have already healed with Katjaa. I never understood why’d she be with that man by choice." She sort of asked as she laced her hand with his, her thumb tracing over his knuckles not noticing. 

"He would of probably drove us towards the sea, until the RV eventually ran out of gas completely and we were doomed to be fighting for our lives. I’m glad we didn’t go after them. They abandoned us." He sighed briefly as he said this.



"As long as you’re sure. I pride myself on keeping it together. Although, I don’t think people would blame me for losing it nowadays. Not exactly going to help me make friends though." She turned a corner, glancing to either side as she retraced her steps. They couldn’t be too far off. She’d remembered this view.

"I am. Well yeah, if you didn’t keep yourself togehter, people wouldn’t really trust you or be willing to. Can’t blame you if you did but if you can fight the urge to lose it, then that’s good. That’s really good." He stated, looking around briefly, still following the woman.

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