Hi, my name is Lee Everett. I'm a History teacher at the University of Georgia in Athens. I killed someone before the zombie apocalypse started, so yeah I'm a convict but don't worry I won't harm you unless you touch my little girl, Clementine. I'll do whatever it takes to protect her and everyone knows it. Even kill you. Just a warning.

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"Don’t change the subject girl, WHERE IS MY SUPERSUIT!?"


"Well, I do. It’s kept us safe so far. It’s going to stay like that."
He said, pulling her closer to the point where he plopped her
on his lap. “Better with you here.” He teased, the drink gone
from his system.

"It better stay like that. Or we might have other issues." Genesis
grinned, but she was surprised when he pulled her on his lap.
"Oh please. Talk about being cheesy."

"Oh don’t worry, we’re fine." He said with a brief chuckle after hearing what she said next. "Complaining?" He said, not really giving the woman a chance to answer as he pressed his lips to hers.

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Grinning,   Aspen   slid   to   sit   on   the floor with
her     palms     splayed     outward. “Okay   —   this 
is    incredibly    haphazard   and   I   did    this   for
a  few  things   I  kept…” Trailing  off,  she  looked
over  at  the  duo. “Do  you  have  anything  sharp
and I’m guessing you wouldn’t have paperclips?”

When the woman sat on the floor, so did the child
while Lee just stood there. When Clementine heard
her mention paperclips. She went over to her pag
and pulled a pack out and went to hand it to the
stranger while Lee looked. “Oh yeah, someone we
used to know gave these to Clementine. I’d completely


Pill popping wasn’t something that needed to be enforced but she thought that this one time it wouldn’t hurt. It certainly would help with the pain from her head, having suffered some sort of concussion she didn’t recall the night in the woods and that ate at her in little pieces. She took the pills and hurriedly got into the shower, wiping and scrubbing at her flesh until she felt clean enough for that day.

Lee then heard some noises and looked out the window to check for any walkers and there were two and they fell to the ground quite quickly after hitting the fence. Then he went back to reading after getting himself another drink and going back to his book. Clementine continued to draw.



||; Returning the smile, she mumbled another ‘thank you’ as he opened the
    gate, closing it after she entered. It felt as if a huge weight had been lifted
    off her shoulders; The ex-soldier wasn’t the type to trust a stranger, but
    desperate times call for desperate measures. Either way, this seemed a lot 
    better and safer than any of her other options. The man seemed genuine, too.

||; Lightning followed his path, entering the door that was so politely held open.
    As she was just about to thank the man yet another time, she realised that they
    had yet to introduce. “You can call me Lightning,” She stated once she was inside,
    reaching out a hand as a gesture.


Lee then waited for her to pass the door as he closed it and turned around when
he heard her speak and offer a hand out to him. He took it and gently gave it a shake.
"You can all me Lee, that’s a nice name you’ve got there." He said, not believing it was
her real one since he didn’t think a parent would call their child ‘Lightning.’

After shaking the woman’s hand, he walked to the kitchen and pulled out an Apple from
the fridge then came back and offered it to her. She must of been hungry by now. That
was what he had thought.

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After Lilly was finished upstairs she came downstairs, feeling rather exhausted she went into the basement and grabbed several bottle of pills and back up she went. She was having a hard time composing herself and maybe something to take the edge off.

Lee didn’t notice anything going on while he read the book and continued to chuckle as he passed through the pages. So did Clementine. She laughed as well, but at the drawing she was making of Lee tripping over a banana.

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Lee Everett and Ariel Trident meet during the zombie apocalypse. Ariel Trident needs Lee Everett’s help.


"Don’t worry, I’m going to pull you up!" He said,
pulling the stranger up so she didn’t fall in the
pit full of zombies.

She’d been careless, and it had nearly cost Ariel her life. Ariel began climbing off the ledge once he’d pulled her up far enough, grunting as she pulled herself out of the pit. “Thanks.” She said, a little breathless as she scooted as far from the edge of the pit as possible.

Lee then allowed her to catch her breath after he had helped her out of that situation
"That was a close call." He sighed ever so slightly. "No problem." He said, offering her
a hand to help her get to her feet.


{  A faint smile plays around her lips, the tension between them fades with every word they exchange and she likes it. It’s hard to find a good company nowadays, and she knows to treasure hers.  }


        ❝To be honest, I envy them. This is anything but the pleasant life I thought I’d live, you know? I’m not even talking about a life of luxury or anything, a peaceful one would suffice… But I guess sometimes it’s a real shame I’m more of a fighter, so giving up is not my thing.❞

[ The man had a smile that would remained for a while. Even with the subject that
they were talking about. It was good to hide any signs of depression in these horrible
times. He was also glad that the tension seemed to be gone. ]

"No one thought the world was going to get like this. I was trained to fight before
all this while teaching History, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to relax though. I’m prepared
to do what I need to survive, but I don’t want to completely stop living like the world
was how it used to be.”