Hi, my name is Lee Everett. I'm a History teacher at the University of Georgia in Athens. I killed someone before the zombie apocalypse started, so yeah I'm a convict but don't worry I won't harm you unless you touch my little girl, Clementine. I'll do whatever it takes to protect her and everyone knows it. Even kill you. Just a warning.

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"Can I help you?" Said the undercover
SHIELD agent that was working in his
family’s shop.



"Well maybe you should put a sign that says 'Danger. High Voltage', like a normal person.”

"Well, this is the apocalypse. Do I want to warn people about it that could be assholes? I warned you because, you don’t come across as the type to try and kill people for no reason."

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5. Lips


Lee didn’t know what came over him, maybe it was because of how helpful she had been towards him or maybe he just had general feelings for the woman but he found himself pressing his lips against hers softly, kinda worrying she’d react badly.

He nodded back in return. “Just get some rest.”

She slowly fell asleep, holding onto him.

He did the same, fell asleep close to her.



 Sara stared blankly at his retreating back. Regardless that his statement was indeed true, but that didn’t dismiss the fact he left without an answer that she desired. “Alright, okay fine wait up will you!” She stalked after him. Maybe  I did try to play a game with you, and maybe I did get caught. But hey, when a woman’s hurting, sometimes she wants to get even. You just so happened to be standing right next to me. If it makes you feel any better you’re a good kisser.”

Lee continued to walk, when she told him to wait up. He simply ignored her, he was feeling irritation flowing right through him. “I don’t care if you want to get even, I DON’T do that. I don’t get play your silly games. That’s NOT okay in my books. Now if you wouldn’t mind, go back and get what ever yelling you’re going to get. Because I’m done here, my advise to you is to never to do that to someone again. Good day.” And with that, he stormed off.


    [She seemed to be the type to have a pretty face, but drove men into insanity. She didn’t know if it was true or not, but that’s how Daryl and Merle described her. They were just teasing her, but at the same time they kind of weren’t. But that’s what she meant by annoying.]

Mhm. Sure, we’re all

    [Bow said, entering through the open gate.]


The man had known people to seem kind of annoying, but that was only in certain situations and certainly not this one. He found kids annoying, not adults really. Unless she talked non-stop, that would probably bother him.

"Yeah, we pretty
much are.” He said as
he closed the gate behind her.

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"Are you a Jedi or something? Or are you just bullshitting me again,"


"Have at it." 

"No, the symbiote helped me figure out where you were coming from. When you’d be here. Who you were and if you had powers or not. Kara Kent, right?"

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Nodding,  she shifted her posture against the ground.
"That’s good… you know,  in case she ever got into a
situation where she had to be alone.” Any other child
she  had  come  across didn’t  exactly  seem  all  that
experienced,    mostly    petrified. “That’s    adorable.”

He nodded his head and looked around for a
brief moment. “Yep, that was the idea. In case
I’m not here one day. She’d be alright.” He stated,
not wanting to think about what happened to a
chid who wasn’t prepared. “Well, the nickname

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"Oh Lee!" Merina couldn’t but laugh and ran her hand through her hair as the blush on her face continue to deepen.


"Goodness! You’re just going to charm every ounce out of me, are you?"

"Yeah?" Lee said when she chuckled and watched as the woman’s blush deepened a bit more. "Yeah, maybe that was the plan. Did I mention how amazing you looked when you seemed nervous and your face was all red?" He said that on purpose.



    Sara was mildly surprised by his response. Naturally a peck on the lips or in his case, a good snog satisfied any man. Unless there was a flaw in her kiss, which she doubted, but Sara was expecting his reaction to be more pleased. “Oh don’t be so dramatic. Either way you did like it, didn’t you?” She smiled.

Lee didn’t even feel like giving her an answer, he was kind of irritated. He crossed his arms briefly but then he just turned around and started to walk away. After taking a few footsteps he stopped and spoke. “You had your answer, not being a part of your game with who ever it is. I’m not like that. Go try it on someone else.” He stated, walking off.